Details On the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Reissues Revealed

Details On the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Reissues Revealed
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds have ironed out the details of their first batch of reissues, which at lost last have the confirmed due dates of April 7 in North American and March 30 in Europe.

As previously reported, the band are embarking on quite the extensive reissue campaign and plan to re-release all 14 Bad Seeds albums as expanded, digitally remastered, 5.1 surround sound discs via Mute Records. The reissues due out this spring include the group's first four albums: From Her to Eternity, The First Born Is Dead, Kicking Against the Pricks and Your Funeral and My Trial.

In addition to the remastering, each record will feature a few music videos and one different instalment in a series of short films called Do You Love Me Like I Love You?, which comes courtesy of UK artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard. The reissues also tack on a few B-sides, but not nearly as many as we first hoped, with only one or two extra tracks added to each album. (By the looks of the tracklistings, if these reissues are still indeed double-discs, the second CD or DVD will only feature video content.)

There is no word on when the remaining ten Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds albums will hit the shops, but here are the tracks on the first four reissues:

From Her to Eternity:

1. "Avalanche"
2. "Cabin Fever"
3. "Well of Misery"
4. "From Her to Eternity"
5. "Saint Huck"
6. "Wings Off Flies"
7. "A Box for Black Paul"
8. "In the Ghetto" *
9. "The Moon Is in the Gutter" *
10. "From Her to Eternity" (Der Himmel Uber Berlin version) *

The First Born Is Dead:

1. "Tupelo"
2. "Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree"
3. "Train Long-Suffering"
4. "Black Crow King"
5. "Knockin' on Joe"
6. "Wanted Man"
7. "Blind Lemon Jefferson"
8. "The Six Strings That Drew Blood" *

Kicking Against the Pricks:

1. "Muddy Water"
2. "I'm Gonna Kill That Woman"
3. "Sleeping Annaleah"
4. "Long Black Veil"
5. "Hey Joe"
6. "The Singer"
7. "All Tomorrows Parties"
8. "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"
9. "The Hammer Song"
10. "Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart"
11. "Jesus Met the Woman at the Well"
12. "The Carnival Is Over"
13. "Black Betty" (12" B-side) *
14. "Running Scared" (7" B-side) *

Your Funeral... My Trial:

1. "Sad Waters"
2. "The Carny"
3. "Your Funeral My Trial"
4. "Stranger Than Kindness"
5. "Jack's Shadow"
6. "Hard on for Love"
7. "She Fell Away"
8. "Long Time Man"
9. "Scum" *

* bonus track