Details of Pearl Jam's Vs. and Vitalogy Reissues Leak Online

Details of Pearl Jam's <i>Vs.</i> and <i>Vitalogy</i> Reissues Leak Online
Earlier this month, we received word that Pearl Jam would be celebrating their two decades in the music industry by releasing a Cameron Crowe-directed documentary and a box set, as well as hosting a weekend-long festival. Now, we have the details of the band's reissue plans for 2011. points to pair of Amazon listings revealing that Pearl Jam will be reissuing 1993's Vs. and 1994's Vitalogy on March 29. Each album has been remastered and expanded with bonus tracks.

According to the listings, Vs. will include "Hold On" (which appeared on the 2003 rarities compilation Lost Dogs), the Victoria Williams cover "Crazy Mary" and a track called "Cready Stomp." Vitalogy features three alternate takes of album cuts.

A further listing suggests that the previously reported box set will drop on the same day. The box set will cover the years 1993 to 1995. You can see what the package apparently looks like above, courtesy of Antiquiet. The set will reportedly include concert and radio show bootlegs and you can get more info over here.

The tracklists for the stand-alone reissues are below.


1. "Go"
2. "Animal"
3. "Daughter"
4. "Glorified G"
5. "Dissident"
6. "W.M.A."
7. "Blood"
8. "Rearviewmirror"
9. "Rats"
10. "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town"
11. "Leash"
12. "Indifference"
13. "Hold On" *
14. "Cready Stomp" *
15. "Crazy Mary" *


1. "Last Exit"
2. "Spin the Black Circle"
3. "Not for You"
4. "Tremor Christ"
5. "Nothingman"
6. "Whipping"
7. "Pry, To"
8. "Corduroy"
9. "Bugs"
10. "Satan's Bed"
11. "Better Man"
12. "Aye Davanita"
13. "Immortality"
14. "Stupid Mop"
15. "Better Man (Guitar/Organ Only)" *
16. "Corduroy (Alt Take)" *
17. "Nothingman (Demo) *"

* bonus track