The Details Draw a Distance. Draw a Border

The Winnipeg-based quartet gracefully unfurl a path of expertly mapped tunes on their first full-length. Draw a Distance. Draw a Border shows an expansive and urgent musical approach, widening the focus displayed on the group’s strong self-released debut EP, Marching Sound. The slow, sombre pace of the full-length’s opener builds into the propulsive and insistent "Reunion Souvenirs,” setting the tone for the record’s rich depth. Guests, such as the Weakerthans’ Stephen Carroll, contribute to the wealth of layers on Draw a Distance. Draw a Border. The crashing cascades of tracks such as "Capture and Develop” and "A National Anthem” are skilfully balanced by the gently sway of "Floor Plans” and "Underground.” Throughout the record, the Details convey a fierce command of melody and an impressive ability to arrange engaging songs. (Parliament of Trees)