Desyn Masiello / Various Balance 008

I would like to live in Desyn Masiello’s world. Judging by these tracks, it must be a very happy place. Over two CDs he mixes together many melodic tracks for an uplifting mix. The mix is centred on modern progressive house, with diversions into tech-house and break beats. Most of the tracks are new, and there are few older classics like Orbital’s "Halcyon” and Rozzo’s "Blue.” Each disc begins beautifully and will certainly grab anybody’s attention. But by the end of each, he doesn’t seem to know where to take the mix, and I wonder where’s he going as he meanders through tracks that don’t bring things to a proper conclusion. Basically, he’s played his trump cards a little too early. In any case, there are plenty of great tracks, they’re just not all used appropriately. The best are the electronic disco of Clashing Ego’s "Love Sweet Love,” New Ordinament’s burbling "Dusty Kid Adventure,” Karu’s rumbling techno "Maraud Your Ears” and Williams’ "Love Crisis,” which may be the best sampling of "Blue Monday” ever. Fans of progressive house will enjoy this release. If he combined the first 40 minutes of each disc into one, it would be a classic. (EQ/Stomp)