Destruction The Antichrist

It's taken two albums but Destruction is back, and for real this time. Core members Mike and Schmier's attempt at a reclamation of their glory days, when they could wear those bullet belts with Teutonic pride, hit a snag when they up and released what could succinctly be described as a bad album with All Hell Breaks Loose. And while still not an oasis of toilet paper in a sea of shit, at least this one is listenable. First off, the continual helicopter double-bass attack has been drastically reduced. Secondly, there are songs on this one that don't suck. If you didn't think Destruction's brand of upbeat, linear, single-note thrash could still sound vital and exciting then you obviously haven't laid your weak ears on the likes of "Thrash Till Death" "Nailed to the Cross" and "Bullets From Hell." Of course, there are some incredibly daft moments on The Antichrist - I'd really like to know what the heck these guys were hoping to accomplish with the chorus to "Strangulated Pride" - but all in all, a strong effort from the old guys. (Nuclear Blast)