Destroyer's 'Your Blues' Treated to Vinyl Reissue

Destroyer's 'Your Blues' Treated to Vinyl Reissue
When Destroyer released Your Blues in 2004, Scratch Records issued it on vinyl here in Canada, but those long-out-of-print LP copies now fetch a pretty penny online. With the album celebrating its 10th anniversary, Merge Records is finally giving it a much-needed new pressing on December 2.

This is part of Merge's 25th anniversary reissue series, and the 180-gram repressing marks the first time that vinyl copies have ever been released in the U.S. and Europe.

This pressing preserves the 12-song tracklist of the original edition. Notably, the album found songwriter Dan Bejar and his collaborators embracing MIDI, layering the frontman's voice and acoustic guitar with computerized instrumentation.

The album is available to pre-order here, either with a T-shirt or without.

Your Blues:

A1. Notorious Lightning
A2. It's Gonna Take an Airplane
A3. An Actor's Revenge
A4. The Music Lovers
A5. From Oakland to Warsaw
A6. Your Blues
B1. New Waves of Living
B2. Don't Become the Thing You Hated
B3. Mad Foxes
B4. The Fox and the Hound
B5. What Road
B6. Certain Things You Ought to Know