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DesignosaurPremature Since Birth
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia's own Designosaur exist in an alternate dimension where Dinosaur Jr. are as big as the Foo Fighters, and Weezer ended after Pinkerton. The four-song EP is full of pop-oriented guitar hooks and melancholy vocal melodies. Performed and produced by one guy, AJ Boutilier, Designosaur continues the tradition of solid alternative rock coming out of eastern Canada.
The second track, "Me and My Head," is a full-on classic ripper. The drums propel the whole song forward, while the lyrics "Me and my head / You in my head" repeat. The song builds up to one last moment of clarity until the whole thing goes into overdrive. The album is part of a seeming new trend in rock and roll, piloted by bands such as JEFF the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet, in bringing rock back to its good-time roots, which the majority of mainstream rock has lost in self-seriousness.
Designosaur is a cure for the common Muse album, pairing well with long summer nights and, just maybe, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. (Independent)
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