Deserters The Slow Rhythms of a Dead-Beat

The title of this record is a bit of a misnomer, as the songs contained on Deserters' debut full-length are neither slow, nor full of lazy, dead-beat efforts. Instead, the band's metalcore sound steamrolls forward with an energy not often found in their peers and labelmates, but more akin to Advent, as played by a metalcore band. While Emmure-esque whispers/rapped vocal patterns and a beatdown-esque fixation on breakdowns drag the band slightly towards genericore, it's still more interesting than most recent metalcore. Deserters occasionally fall into the trappings of their genre, such as acoustic interlude "One is too Many" and almost-ballad "Scream." However, although the "fuck the world" chant in "The Plunge" is a tad juvenile, the band manage to depict genuine aggression where many of their peers manufacture it or worse, abandon it altogether. (Mediaskare)