Orphic Signs

DesecravityOrphic Signs
Plumbing the muck of brutal death metal, Desecravity return with Orphic Signs. The band is a monolithic juggernaut, overwhelming the listener with sheer brute force technicality. Crafting a merciless assault, they whip between furious, convoluted passages. While one would never confuse Desecravity with the tuneless cacophony of Brain Drill, they effortlessly show off their prowess and attention to detail. Though reliably challenging, the three-piece feel much more grounded here than more esoteric acts like Behold…The Arctopus or Portal.

"The Serpent of Ishtar Gate" stokes the fires of heady mysticism before unleashing a dizzying array of time signatures. "Deviltry" shows the band at their most accessible; replete with near grooves and stop-start riffs, the track boils to a nuclear finish, asserting the band are not to be trifled with. Ultimately, Orphic Signs is an album for only the most hardened listener. Despite moments of clarity, the album hinges upon its relentless onslaught, breathlessly rampaging with machine precision.

Unfortunately, Orphic Signs simply isn't the memorable experience it should be. While Desecravity are certainly capable of flexing considerable muscle, the band largely avoid the hooks that would better define tracks like "Black Palingenesis" and "Bloody Terpsichorean Art." While thoroughly punishing, the album as a whole features little in the way of dynamics, seldom reaching the lofty heights of their potential. Still, Desecravity are a compelling listen for those with the stomach for it. (Willowtip)
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