Depeche Mode Delta Machine

Depeche ModeDelta Machine
The loose concept behind Delta Machine (the British synth-pop pioneers' 13th studio album) is a merging of a blues feel with electronics, hence the title. The guiding concept can be heard clearly at work on tracks such as "Slow" and "Goodbye," with their bluesy guitar riffs. Other numbers, such as "My Little Universe" and "Should Be Higher," find the trio echoing classic-era Depeche Mode while also making subtle reference to techno, a growing obsession of principal songwriter Martin Gore. Also playing on the album is Swedish musician Christoffer Berg (primarily known as the producer for the Knife). Delta Machine is a marked improvement upon Sounds of the Universe, containing several standout tracks, such as "Broken" and "My Little Universe," but is pulled under by boring dirges such as "The Child Inside" and "Alone," and decent but business-as-usual anthems such as "Soft Touch/Raw Nerve." If you trimmed the fat, and we're talking pork belly here, you'd have a great EP. As it stands, it's another tiresome release studded with a few gems. (Mute)