Deniz Tek And The Golden Breed Glass Eye World

Ex-Radio Birdman guitarist Deniz Tek has teamed up with pro skateboarding, identical twin brother rhythm section Art and Steve Godoy, aka the Golden Breed. The result is ten new songs in the vein of his long legacy of punchy yet melodic punk-tinged songs. This stuff has a lot of the same qualities as his Radio Birdman work, but the sound quality is a little demo-ish and the Golden Breed are a quite off-key on their back-up vocal duties. "Always out of Reach,” the lead-off track is the most polished on the record and there are a few interesting moments, like the Friends Of Dean Martinez-ish instrumental "Baja Confidential.” However, when the Golden Breed step up to the mic on the aptly named "Wild Card,” all quality control goes out the window and the atmosphere changes from one of professional, well-written material to an after-hours booze can punk jam. (Career)