Deniro Farrar Wrongbar, Toronto ON, June 15

Deniro FarrarWrongbar, Toronto ON, June 15
Photo: Kevin Jones
North Carolina rapper Deniro Farrar made two things clear early and often during his fierce though, at times, awkward Wrongbar set: that he's a real n****, and that he has no time all the fake n***** you hip-hop fans hear making noise these days. Without mincing words, the Farrar invited the decidedly mixed crowd to chant the N-word in one of his song's hook as he called out phoney dope dealers (which too many obliged), and then proceeded to repeat the word over and over for shock value upon the song's completion. Raising the awkwardness a step further, the Charlotte native proceeded to pick out a few people in the front row and rap entire verses directly at them, face to face. It was an odd display that overshadowed his strengths as an MC, as his direct, guttural flow, real life raps and pay-my-rent drive were at least worthy of attention. Unfortunately, Farrar's repetitive post-cut banter about being the only real rapper alive and his slightly jarring N-word barrage had a lot of faces focused on the floor for much of his set.