Demonized Demonized

Featuring members of Mexico's truly sick gore-grind outfit Disgorge, Demonized play a more blackened style of extreme metal, although there's enough gurgled rawness to keep the gore fans interested. Hell, all you death-heads might as well hop on board too, as there's enough cookie monster-style guttural sounds here to make you think this came straight outta Morrisound (actually, it was produced by Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan). But at its blackened lump of coal/heart, this is raw black metal, spat out with a venom and fury that a lot of black bands could stand to learn a thing or two from. Love that frantic drumming, with hilarious mini-snare rolls thrown in as often as possible. No keyboards, no wimpishness at all really. Even the drums sound normal, which might traumatise some of today's diehard death/black fiends. (Osmose)