Demon Lung The Hundredth Name

Demon LungThe Hundredth Name
The Las Vegas-based doom metal project amassed an impressive pedigree prior to the release of their debut, performing alongside the likes of High on Fire and Witch Mountain, recording with Adam Myatt and Billy Anderson (Neurosis) and obtaining album art from Tom Bates (Amorphis). Their first record (a concept album based upon the idea that the devil's son is on Earth trying to assemble an anti-Bible and bring creation down in the process) delivers on these promises. Fusing a smoky occult sensibility with classic doom metal songwriting, in the style of Candlemass or the Obsessed, The Hundredth Name is unquestionably dark and sludgy in tone while nimble and dynamic in composition. The drums have a vast, booming quality that adds to the sense of menace and ill will on the record. Shandra Fredrick's vocals are also a highlight; they're incredibly powerful in tone and strong enough to stand up to the dark, full instrumentation. With tracks like "Devil's Wind" and "Eyes of Zamiel" sure to stand the test of time, The Hundredth Name is an incredibly promising first effort. (Candlelight)