Demolition Doll Rods TLA

The kings and queens of nearly-nude rock are back and in fine form on their second full-length release, the cryptically entitled TLA. Their extensive touring with such legendary performers as Iggy Pop and the Cramps over the last few years has obviously honed their rock skills to a sharp point, and this album is by far the best material they’ve ever released. The production is totally hi-fi by anybody’s standards and the songs are short, fast and catchy. The full sound is helped along by lots of dense call and response vocals, tons of great guitar work by Danny Doll Rod, and strong lead vocals by Margaret Doll Rod. The Doll Rods have a variety of styles at work here, ranging from mysterious, echo laden, cave-rock with “Secret Place,” the stadium-shaking “Rock It Up” and the Screaming Lord Sutch punk rock sounds of “Move To The Music.” They even do a country number at the end of the record called “Carry Me Away.” (Matador)