​Demi Lovato and Sleigh Bells Settle Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

​Demi Lovato and Sleigh Bells Settle Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
Sleigh Bells launched a lawsuit against Demi Lovato last year, claiming that the pop star lifted elements of their song "Infinity Guitars" for her own track "Stars." As The Hollywood Reporter now points out, the warring musical parties have finally settled the case.
The settlement was referred to in new court papers filed by UMG Recordings and "Stars" producers Carl Falk and Rami Yacoub, though specific details of the agreement have not been disclosed.
At the time the suit was filed last April, Falk and Yacoub denied sampling the track, but Sleigh Bells claimed that it still "transcends the realm of coincidence."
"A comparison of the two songs reveals that, at the very least, the combination of the hand claps and bass drum, structured as 3 quarter beats and a rest, with the bass drum providing a counter-rhythm to the hand claps, is at least substantially similar in both works," the band's complaint read. "This infringing material repeats throughout the Defendants' song."
"Infinity Guitars" originally appeared on Sleigh Bells' 2010 album Treats and was later licensed to a Samsung commercial. Lovato's "Stars," meanwhile, appeared as a bonus track on 2015's Confident.
Listen to and compare both tracks for yourself down below.


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