Delphium Dark Floor E.P.

No, the material on this three track seven-inch is not goth-informed dance music, as the title suggests, rather it's abstract breaks and sounds. Side one's "Green Lane With Delphium" has funky, hip-hop-style breaks with laser beam-like electronic noises over top and synth notes that are similar in style to the work of 808 State. On side two, the track "Bleep 27" has abstract drum & bass breaks with chaotic notes played over top and the sounds punctuated, or bludgeoned, by piercing alarm-like noises. The next track, "Kill.Scooter.Riders," has a bit more of an elaborate, improvised keyboard sound that sounds like Chick Corea after an automobile accident shake-up with frenetic breaks. The material on this album might be best compared to Toronto-based producer Oh No the Modulator! (Ceiling Travel Excursions)