Delight Anew

From the opening of track one with a dissident sound reminiscent of an alarm clock blaring, Delight seem determined to continue to shake awake their fans from their earlier more "gothic” stylings and welcome them to their own personal rock music revolution. Emphasis is still on heavy guitars, synths and samples, and of course the powerful vocals of Paulina Maslanka, but the result is far more modern rock this time out. The subject matter in the lyrics, however, still tends toward the typically dark: love estranged, powerlessness, quiet almost poetic desperation, and tragic loneliness. The musicianship is tight, the production clean and Paulina holds her own admirably as front woman to the heavy rock hooks of the Polish quintet, yet despite all this something doesn’t quite click here either. Perhaps this fourth release from Delight is simply too modern rock and as such is in danger of blending into and losing itself amidst the more generic offerings of the musical genre. Or Anew simply suffers from not enough variety within the ten tracks on the disc, with the obvious exception being the closing cut "Sleep,” an entirely instrumental track that seems to be the biggest risk taken here. On a side note, Paulina’s voice seems so perfectly crafted for the gothic, it is almost disappointing that Delight have openly chosen to distance themselves from that genre entirely. (Metal Mind)