Delbert McClinton Acquired Taste

It could easily take several thousand words to try to come to a conclusion as to why Delbert McClinton isn't more highly regarded than he is. But the basic fact is that, as a white Southern soul singer, his music has never been easily to categorize. In those terms, Acquired Taste is as apt a title as McClinton has ever chosen, even though his approach here remains as irresistibly straightforward as it was on his classic string of releases throughout the '70s, which culminated with his only hit single: "Givin' It Up For Your Love." Perhaps it's been the Texan's strict adherence to established forms that's prevented him from reaching those heights again, although few can still match McClinton's effortless melding of soul, blues and country. The lines are a bit more defined on Acquired Taste — from the twangy "Can't Nobody Say I Didn't Try," to the aching "Never Saw It Comin'" and the gutbucket "I Need To Know." Just chalk it up as another solid effort from an artist who's delivered few disappointments throughout his career. (New West)