Delays "Hooray"

Delays 'Hooray'
Sometimes a good band just can't catch a break. Since 2001, Southampton's Delays have sat by and watched bands of their ilk like Snow Patrol and Keane score big worldwide with soccer moms and dramedies while all they see is modest chart spots and thrive in Japan.

Their debut album, 2004's vastly underrated Faded Seaside Glamour, was a gorgeous slice of expansive guitar pop, joining the ethereal vocals and shimmering guitars of Cocteau Twins with the modern day British rock lustre of the La's. Second single "Long Time Coming," a well-received hit, tried to break them out of indie obscurity, but only got them to number 16 in the UK charts.

A slightly misguided sophomore effort, 2006's You See Colours, found them dropped by label Rough Trade, despite some promise shown in single "Valentine," which brought in pulsating electronic programming to give it a slightly baggy feel. Obviously, it wasn't for everyone

I'm glad to say that one of England's best rock acts though have found their form, as Delays' first single from their forthcoming third album, Everything's the Rush (out May 5 through Fiction/Polydor in the UK), is set to award them their place in the upper echelon of British music.

Ushering in a string section to add a layer of immensity, "Hooray" wisely uses its title as a celebratory sing-along chorus, as the big strings, chiming bells and passively noisy guitars present a sweeping effect. Singer Greg Gilbert's passionate vocal turn infuses the song's jangle with some fire - a big step considering many compare him to Liz Fraser, of all singers. Glad to hear them move back into the rock realm. Let's hope they can capitalise on their country's current rock boom. (Read: If there's room in the album charts for an Arctic Monkey and the Kooks then there's certainly room for Delays.)