Del Cielo Us Vs. Them

The three girls who make up Del Cielo — Andrea Lisi, Basla Andolsun, and Katy Otto — claim to be part of a political band, and the defiant title of their album, Us Vs. Them seems to reinforce that sentiment. But for all the love songs on here you’d never know there were politics behind this band. Us Vs. Them starts off promisingly enough with Lisi’s sharp, falsetto voice sliding around and over some banged-up minor chords. But that promising start gets dull by mid-album when it sounds like the same song has been playing for the last 15 minutes. There are certain points later in the album that further lack the edgy quality that gives the album that first hook at the beginning. The track "Cry Your Eyes Out” is an example, as it comes off way too polished, to the point where it seems out of place for what the band seems to be aiming for. You can tell there’s effort here, but overall, the album just doesn’t quite make it. (Lovitt)