Deko-ze / Various Canada's Finest House

Having maintained residencies from Victoria to Calgary, from Montreal to St. John’s, from Vancouver to Toronto, Deko-ze is the proper DJ to spin this. Having penned columns for Tribe magazine, and being the co-creator of Plastic Puppet Motive (the promotion company based out of Deko-ze’s Saskatoon hometown, known for keeping their parties real), if you can name someone more deeply (and divergently) involved in the dance scene in Canada I would be surprised. So what does Canada’s Finest House sound like? Visit the house room of a big rave circa 1999 and that’s where I’ll stop describing this mix as a whole. As much as it’s nice to view seamlessly (it’s pretty flawlessly sewn together), we’re going to break it down by a couple select tracks. "Fifths” by Deadmau5 will take you places underground, Camille Douglas on the "Explosive!” track by Deko-ze ‘n Gavo shows Canadian women can kick serious ass and "The Night” by Nick Fiorucci is a very pretty song that’ll give you chills. Unfortunately, Hatiras’ "What Happened To The Funk?” doesn’t answer that question or stand up to "Spaced Invader.” This album is hard house with heart. (Hi-Bias)