Deftones Postpone New Album, Bassist Still Recovering in Hospital

Deftones Postpone New Album, Bassist Still Recovering in Hospital
Nü metal survivors Deftones have issued an official statement on their website announcing the delayed release of their upcoming album, Eros. The post hints that the band have shelved existing recordings to head in, as they say, a different direction.

"As we neared completion on Eros, we realized that this record doesn't best encompass and represent who we are currently as people and as musicians," the statement reads. "And although those songs will see the light of day at some point, we collectively made the decision that we needed to take a new approach."

Despite the fact that bassist Chi Cheng is still hospitalized after a November car accident, the band claims the postponement of their new album has nothing to do with his slow recuperation.

"The decision to hold off on releasing Eros has no connection with Chi's condition or anything associated. This was, and is, purely a creative decision by the band to write, record and deliver an amazing product," the post says.

Some of Cheng's bass tracks for Eros were already recorded before his accident, but it's unclear if the band's "new approach" will include Cheng's recordings. It's also unknown at this point if the bassist will be able to someday return to the band.

Cheng, 38, has been with Deftones since their inception in 1988 and he released a CD of his poetry entitled, The Bamboo Parachute, in 2000. One Love for Chi , a website following Cheng's progress, is still accepting donations to help cover his medical expenses.

Meanwhile, Altitude TV recently uploaded video footage of Deftones' April 5 Bamboozle Left Festival performance at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA with ex-Quicksand bass player Sergio Vega subbing in for Cheng. No official announcement has been made about who will play bass for the band on their upcoming summer tour dates in Europe.