Blue Jasmine EP

DeftBlue Jasmine EP
Blue Jasmine starts with segments from a speech on perception and hypnosis only to become hypnotic itself, as the enchanting notes of "Vapid (Pt. 1)" trickle into the foreground. The ending loops from this first track are then carried on to the next and sped up to meet new elements with varying success, namely footwork (which works) and dubstep (which doesn't). Deft clearly has a talent for drum patterns, a fact that's obvious from listening his latest EP, but he's also got a penchant for dated dubstep squelches that occasionally hang around like a bad fog.

Fortunately, he can strip back the bass to a subtle rumble when he wants to, as he does on the EP's highlight, "Drawn", a chimed-up drum & bass track that's deeply reminiscent of D-Bridge. Ever the shapeshifter, Deft still manages to deliver an ambient outro, complete with harrowing vocals of both the musical and non-musical variety. All in all, Blue Jasmine is never jaw-dropping in any particular field, but still displays an impressive amount of scope. (Project: Mooncircle)
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