Deforesters 'Leonard' (album stream)

Deforesters'Leonard' (album stream)
Featuring members of PUP, the Roman Line and Plan 37, Toronto "honest-to-goodness no-bullshit punk rock" four-piece Deforesters are gearing up to release their debut LP Leonard next week. Before the record arrives, Exclaim! is giving you the chance to hear the entire thing right here.

Thirteen tracks in length, Leonard was recorded with Steve Rizun (Flatliners, Junior Battles, Creepshow) at Drive Studios. Musically, the band looked to create "finely tuned pop songs" presented with a healthy helping of punk grit, giving a nod to influences such as the Ramones, Dead Kennedys and Buzzcocks.

The band write that Leonard presents lyrical themes of "the inevitability of both change and stagnation, ennui, the difficulty of maintaining meaningful relationships, the feeling of isolation and invisibility one experiences in large urban centres and self-deprecation."

Leonard will see an official release on February 24 through Drive Records/Black Numbers. Take in the record in the player below.