Defiance, Ohio The Great Depression

One of the most talented bands currently playing the folk/punk game are the fabulously-named Defiance, Ohio, who offer up their most polished-sounding work to date with their No Idea debut, The Great Depression. "Polished” only by the standards of their past releases, this record still keeps the sloppy honesty of the band intact, merely allowing each instrument the chance to shine through the mix a little brighter than before. With highly politicised lyrics and a fast, frenetic approach to songwriting, songs like "Enough” bounce from double-time punk rock to slowed down, Baroque-influenced breakdowns, greatly aided by the band’s string-heavy arrangements and reliance on (mostly) acoustic instruments. With songs that make you want to sing along and smash the window of every nearby Starbucks, The Great Depression is a wonderful continuation of the meaningful, fun, and catchy folk punk being created by these Columbus, Ohio natives. (No Idea)