Defendor, Red Cliff and New York, I Love You Lead the Way in This Week's DVD Round-Up

<i>Defendor</i>, <i>Red Cliff</i> and <i>New York, I Love You</i> Lead the Way in This Week's DVD Round-Up
It's Wednesday, which means Exclaim! has put together our weekly package of reviews for your at-home movie-watching needs. Just head to our Recently Reviewed motion section to see what's in store.

This week, John Woo recreates Red Cliff, a famous naval battle of 208 A.D. that marked the end of China's golden age, filling it with action and blood. Next we have The Lord of the Rings: Original Animated Classic. The movie was made in the mid-'70s and covers the events presented in The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers.

The Exclaim!-recommended pick of the week is Defendor, which is about a man, played by Woody Harrelson, who decides to start living like a superhero. Next, from the producer of Paris, Je T'Aime comes New York, I Love You, a romance film based on love lives and how they are affected by living in the big city. It is directed by various directors in order to render each narrative with a unique style.

How Weed Won the West is a documentary about how marijuana is proving itself to being a healthy alternative to many prescription drugs. It was directed by Keven Booth, who also directed American Drug War: The Last White Hope, which is full of testimonials from gang members to politicians, all who are part of the drug war, either fighting it or living it.

Lastly, we have Blank Generation, which was originally released in 1980 and is one of punk's premiere fiction films, as well as Revolution in the Head: Rage Against the Machine and the Art of Protest, which is a documentary on the '90s politically charged band, showing what made them and what eventually broke them apart.

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