Defectors Turn Me On!

On their third album, Danish group the Defectors sound like the Kinks if they were a psychedelic surf band. All the while they are squeezing high notes out of lo-fi guitars, causing the vocals to sound as if they are breaking through the fuzz. But if that isn’t enough for you, the heavier songs have a haunting atmosphere to them, employing sinister laughing, sounds of scraping knives, and good horror movie vocals. But that isn’t all they’ve got up their vintage sleeves, "Leave Me Alone” sounds like a ska punk song with a psychedelic twist. Then it’s time to take a u-turn back to poppy garage. Or, if you want to condense that down to something simpler, the word brilliant will suffice. Although this is the genre previous generations preferred to take their drugs to, with Turn Me On! it might not be such a good idea. (Bad Afro)