Deerhunter's Lockett Pundt Announces Lotus Plaza Debut LP

Deerhunter's Lockett Pundt Announces Lotus Plaza Debut LP
When it comes to Deerhunter side-projects, front-man Bradford Cox's Atlas Sound are the first that come to mind. That may soon change though, with guitarist Lockett Pundt now giving word his Lotus Plaza will step out for their full-length debut next year.

While frequent readers/downloaders of the infamous Deerhunter blog will already be familiar with several of Pundt's solo tracks, a new set of Lotus Plaza material is scheduled to drop March 23 (yes, a Monday) courtesy of Kranky. Titled The Floodlight Collective, the ten-track offering will feature Cox on drums for the track "Different Mirrors," Pitchfork reports, and taking care of production and mixing will be Brian Foote (of Nudge). The rest of the tracks are all Pundt, all the time.

There's no word yet if Lotus Plaza will emerge as a live act but the Kranky camp has revealed a tracklisting. Here it is:

1. "Red Oak Way"
2. "Quicksand"
3. "These Years"
4. "Different Mirrors"
5. "Whiteout"
6. "What Grows?"
7. "Sunday Night"
8. "Antoine"
9. "The Floodlight Collective"
10. "A Threaded Needle"

Deerhunter "Agoraphobia"