Deerhunter Release New iTunes Live EP

Deerhunter Release New iTunes Live EP
Last year, atmospheric rock crew Deerhunter scored another winner with their fourth LP, Halcyon Digest, which earned the No. 2 spot on our list of the top pop & rock albums of 2010. That's why we're excited that a number of tracks from Halcyon Digest also crop up on Live from SoHo, a new EP the band just released through iTunes.

The eight-song set was recorded at the Apple Store in NYC's SoHo neighbourhood. That show took place on September 28 of last year -- the same day that Halcyon Digest came out.

Although it's being billed as an EP, Live from SoHo is over 40 minutes long. Six of the tracks come from Halcyon Digest; it also contains "Hazel Street" (from 2007's Cryptograms) and "Rainwater Cassette Exchange" (from the 2009 EP of the same name). See the tracklist below.

Live from SoHo:

1. "Desire Lines"
2. "Hazel Street"
3. "Don't Cry"
4. "Revival"
5. "Helicopter"
6. "Fountain Stairs"
7. "Rainwater Cassette Exchange"
8. "He Would Have Laughed"