Deerhunter and Atlas Sound Recordings Leak, Bradford Cox Pissed

Deerhunter and Atlas Sound Recordings Leak, Bradford Cox Pissed
The Deerhunter blog is always good for a bit of drama, but this weekend things got more out of control than usual. Like the band’s Bradford Cox has done countless times before, on Saturday he linked the blog to his side-project’s new release, Atlas Sound’s Virtual 7” No. 4. However, this time around Cox didn’t realize that anyone could access his unlocked Mediafire account from that link — something a weaselly blog reader soon capitalized on.

The thief went through Cox’s entire Mediafire folder and began to leak a bevy of private Cox material, posting Atlas Sound’s unreleased Logos full-length and Deerhunter’s "Weird Era Cont.” (intended to be a surprise bonus track for the band’s upcoming Microcastle album) on ateaseweb forums. Also, adding further insult to this injury, the greedy reader reportedly accessed several childhood photos of Cox contained in the folder, yet there is no word if these have popped up online already as well.

And while this may at first seem like good news to hungry Deerhunter/Atlas Sound fans, it’s not, since Cox has now scrapped Logos altogether and left us with an unmastered, unfinished piece of work that he says he will never complete.

Here’s what an understandably bitter Cox had to say about the incident via an online statement:

Fuck this shit. I can just make another album. [Logos is] not finished and now it never will be. It was also going to have a rad cover. I would describe it to you but that would be stupid. P.S. there are no vocals on "Quick Canal.” I never got the chance to record them. This record was not free to record, so if you’d like to pay for hearing it send a paypal donation to [email protected] I am not a fucking opportunist so don’t think I expect it.