Deerhunter 'Monomania' (album stream)

Deerhunter'Monomania' (album stream)
Deerhunter reportedly worked on as many 250 tracks while composing their latest album, and eventually whittled that list down to 12 for Monomania. The record is out on May 7 through 4AD, and you can stream the results now on

The album finds the Bradford Cox-led band moving away from the atmospheric, ambience-filled sound that has previously been their bread and butter and embracing their inner rockers. The uncharacteristically hard-hitting and immediate album is filled with upbeat, scrappy rock songs ranging from the jaggedly fuzzed-out "Leather Jacket II" to the cow-punk hop-skip of "Pensacola" and the "Bohemian Rhapsody"-quoting bar rock of "Dream Captain."

Monomania has some slightly quieter moments, most notably the space-folk mood piece "Nitebike." For the most part, however, this is an unexpectedly fun, raucous party record.

Dig in below.