Deepchord Sommer

What with all this global warming, we're going to have to come up with a new standard of summer music. Gone are the days of summertime when the living was easy. In its place is a summer that's molten hot, with bad pollution and pavement that mercilessly throws heat into your face. That's what this Sommer is all about. Deepchord's music could often be described as chilly, but he has, over a very long period of time, managed to harness the analog circuitry of his vintage gear to not only produce warm sounds, but create a fever dream sensation. Deepchord has also come up with the kind of three dimensionality that Tim Hecker broke through with on his last few albums ― textures that have always been interesting sound now as if you're slowly falling into an abyss of blunted beats and shimmering atmospheres. If you're old enough to remember weekenders and raves in the great outdoors, this is the kind of thing you'd hope for 4/5ths of the way through the proceedings. The only thing missing is some crickets to provide extra sonic grit. This is beautiful stuff and my favourite yet from Deepchord. (Soma)