Deep Eynde Shadowland

Following in the devil-core rockabilly garage rock footsteps of such bands as the Distillers, Horrorpops and the Nekromantix comes Hollywood’s Deep Eynde. Subscribing to the more black leather, studded bracelets, black nail polish and mascara the better theory, this quartet spends the discs 12 tracks channelling the spirit of the Misfits circa 1981. Vocalist Joel Fatal’s baritone wail is so reminiscent of Glenn Danzig’s, the latter should consider some kind of legal action. And with song titles like "She Likes Skulls,” "Devilchild” and "Space Invaders,” there’s little chance of mistaking their influences for near plagiarism. Yet despite the lack of originality in the look and sound, they deliver their songs with a genuine passion and that’s got to count for something, doesn’t it? (Disaster)