Decree Moment of Silence

Decree, a Vancouver-based side project of Frontline Assembly’s Chris Peterson, presents serious industrial music for serious industrial fans. There is no room for pleasantries in Moment of Silence. It is a bleak blend of industrial noise, ghostly synth and scratching static-based vocals. "Forced Wide Open” highlights a tribal side of Decree with metal-based beats that force an EBM vibe into the mix. "Used Dreams” is catchier than the other songs on the album, with distorted drumming under deep vocals. The title track, while ranging from mellow to aggressive, does so in a starkly serious manner. Overall, the tracks on this disc blend into one another, and it is difficult to care about their relevance. Sometimes moody and other times spastic, there is just not much variance presented by Decree overall. That’s not to say that Moment of Silence is a waste of time either. Musicians and DJs in particular will appreciate the dense layers of mixing behind every track. (Metropolis)