Decoded Feedback Combustion

Perhaps I am missing something here. I can appreciate this in its own right as a piece of work put together solidly on a technical basis but it just doesn’t have that "omph.” All I hear are a lot of blips and bleeps in front a kick drum. It will be nice to hear some of the remixes that I am sure will be released shortly as they may add some depth and character. Maybe if I lived in Europe I would have some more appreciation for it on an aural front as Europe really seems to dig DF. Both Marco and Yone are technically great but the music is lacking and unmemorable. Perhaps it is the pseudo-Cookie Monster vocals that are supposed to sound angry but come off sounding very unconvincing. Or maybe it’s the little synth lines that have been heard before. The best song on the disc is the cover of "Mentallo” and the Fixers’ "Sacrilege.” Unless you are a big fan of Decoded Feedback, I would skip this one or wait for the remixes. (Metropolis)