The Decay This Month's Rent

When growing up in the suburban confines of a small city, boredom tends to strike and finding an outlet for such weariness will either drive you to a guitar or to an early and forlorn adulthood. Luckily, Guelph, ON's the Decay chose the former and decided to create dedicated, energetic punk rock that proves they aren't afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves while raising defiant fists in the air. With their generous use of gang vocals and a socially earnest lyrical content, the Decay exhibit elements of blue-collar punk predecessors like Swingin' Utters and Jawbreaker while also conveying a hint of beer-stained pub rock. Each song blasts promptly into the next, leaving no time for reaction, as every sing-along anthem drips devotion and thirsts for change. This Month's Rent is a stalwart effort and the Decay have enough fight in them to keep from deteriorating. (Juicebox)