Decapitated Organic Hallucinosis

DecapitatedOrganic Hallucinosis
While maintaining their near patented take on technical death metal, Poland’s Decapitated have departed from the songwriting that characterised their past two efforts and blazed into more complex and intriguing enclaves. The structure of each individual piece is much more focused, forsaking oft-capricious riff metamorphoses for a matured and prolonged calculus session. This time around they’re incorporating a more polyrhythmic approach, layering complex time manipulation along the lines of Meshuggah, while preserving the unique characteristics that have made them one of the most heralded death metal bands on the planet. While it’s definitely a progressive step and a self-reinvention on many levels, if you’re looking for the beefy hooks of The Negation, you’ll be disappointed to find they’ve moved past their penchant for tantalisingly short angles, but pleased to see they’ve found a new creative vein to explore. Their fourth full-length also marks a new chapter for the band, having parted ways with long-time vocalist Sauron, replaced by former Atrophia Red Sun member Covan. His vocals are slightly more audible in terms of annunciation but still cut through the mix like a demonic chainsaw. Considering they’re leagues ahead of the majority of their contemporaries, it would be hard to believe there is any room for improvement. However, judging by the refined fury with which Organic Hallucinosis proceeds, this band are only going to get better. (Earache)