Deathwish Inc. Gives Away Free Sampler

Deathwish Inc. Gives Away Free Sampler
As Jacob Bannon prepares his long-awaited new Converge album alongside various other projects, his record label Deathwish Inc. has just released another free sampler. Called MMIX Sampler, the downloadable release includes 19 tracks from different artists on Deathwish, along with its offshoot, Malfunction Records and its friends at Six Feet Under Records.

A look at the contributors shows just how diverse this roster is, from the straight-up hardcore of the Hope Conspiracy and Lewd Acts through to the tough-as-nails metal of Coliseum, the melodic post-hardcore of End of a Year and the atmospherics of Bannon himself.

The full release, which also comes with two videos and a coupon for future Deathwish purchases, can be snatched here.

MMIX Sampler tracklisting:

1. The Hope Conspiracy "In The Shadow Of God"
2. Narrows "Chambered"
3. Lewd Acts "Nightcrawlers"
4. Coliseum "Last Wave"
5. Victims "Breaking Out"
6. Reign Supreme "Slipping Away"
7. Trap Them "Day 20: Flesh And Below"
8. Nails "Lies"
9. Rot In Hell "Coyotenia"
10. Mother Of Mercy "Divide"
11. Carpathian "Spirals"
12. 108 "Forever Is Destroyed"
13. Ressurection "Culture"
14. End Of A Year "Walter Miller Jr."
15. Doomriders "Do You Like To Slam Dance?"
16. Pulling Teeth "Bloodwolves"
17. Integrity "Learn To Love The Lie"
18. Supermachiner "Bitter Cold"
19. J. Bannon "Heavy Blood (Empty Version)"