Deathbound Non Compos Mentis

This is a refreshing 30-minute blast of clinically clean gore-grind from Finland's Deathbound, who no one has ever heard of, but they prove here they could easily take Aborted's place in today's gore-grind sweepstakes. Both bands deliver gore-grind with groove, buzz saw production and a hardcore edge, but while Aborted have just gone limp, Deathbound are nothing if not rigid (sorry) on this, their fourth album. I mean, there are even good guitar solos, which further the Carcass comparisons. The band excel during grindier numbers like "A Reason for Your Fight" or short blasters such as "When the Seas are Boiling." "Free Shackles for Everyone" is the best example of what this band are capable of, bringing the blasts with much success, making it all work, blending gore-grind, clean production and a 'core edge with an end result that is, right now, making Aborted blush. (Dynamic Arts)