Death Waltz Details Soundtrack Release for 'Ms. 45'

Death Waltz Details Soundtrack Release for 'Ms. 45'
After teasing the arrival for the first-ever official release for early '80s exploitation flick Ms. 45, Death Waltz Recording Company has now confirmed that the vinyl pressing officially goes up for sale tomorrow (January 30).

The announcement was made on the soundtrack hub's web page earlier today, confirming that Joe Delia's 19-song score is going up for grabs at an as-yet-undecided time tomorrow, along with the previously announced soundtrack to sci-fi film Forbidden World.

With the announcement came the unveiling of the cover art for the gatefold LP, as prepped by artist Alice X. Zhang. You can see the painting, portraying lead actor Zoë Tamerlis Lund's Thana character from the rape-revenge story, up above.

Ordering the LP will also nab you an immediate download of the soundtrack, as well as 70 minutes of "unused cues and studio recordings." This is one of the first Death Waltz releases to offer up MP3s.

For now, you can sample the soundtrack's disco-fuelled dance number, appropriately called "Ms 45 Dance Party," below.

As previously reported, the Forbidden World soundtrack features a synth-heavy score from Susan Justin, who also contributed to liner notes with the Alien knock-off's director Allan Holzman. You can sample the score's spaced-out "Mutation" down below as well.

Also set for release via Death Waltz is an upcoming vinyl pressing of Slumber Party Massacre.