Death Unit Infinite Death

This sweet silver slab contains more firepower than the intestines of a 250-pound-burrito devouring Dungeons & Dragons devotee. No Fun Festival organiser Carlos Giffoni and his Death Unit pulverise the very notion of structure, melody and rhythm with a double salvo of unrelenting free noise. Featuring Giffoni on electronics, Brian Sullivan from Mouthus on guitar and the tandem drum assault of Trevor Tremaine (Hair Police) and Chris Corsano, Infinite Death spurts gobs of electronic glee across a trashed percussive landscape. This cohort of the damned proves its mettle both in the studio (on the first track) and in a live setting (track number two). While the live material has a slightly compressed quality, the evolving nature of the group improvisation is showcased clearer than on the studio recording. However, this is like comparing a controlled implosion to a suicide bomb attack — both tracks tear layers of flesh from unsuspecting bones and are not for the faint of heart. Folks with a casual interest in the No Fun Fest, and noise in general, will find in Infinite Death a road map to their impending oblivion, a lollipop laced with TNT. Escaping unscathed is impossible. (Important)