Death Toll Rising "Infection Legacy"

Death Toll Rising "Infection Legacy"
Alberta death metal squad Death Toll Rising have their crushing new Infection Legacy LP hitting store shelves October 22, but the band are ready to "spread the disease" of their self-released set a little early with a stream of the title track.

A detuned thrash attack starts off the song, but the progressive death metal arrangement also features a mid-tempo stomp, the guttural vocals of Jesse Berube, blitzkrieged blasts, and some decidedly bluesy bends preceding a deep-diving solo. It sounds something like a mix of classic Carcass and At the Gates, and you can catch the feverish metal fest down below.

To shed a bit more light on where Death Toll Rising are coming from on Infection Legacy, the band have offered the following statement:

The title track, "Infection Legacy" is based on a story arc from Resident Evil 2 (fun nerd fact there). Musically we didn't set out to write a title track, or lead track, but when it came time to name the album we went through all our nine songs and kind of threw out, which ones didn't have a strong enough theme, or maybe too specific of a theme. We settled on Infection Legacy because the song itself ended up being very strong and really encompasses the direction we have headed.  

The album is actually book ended by a "prologue" and an "epilogue," in which two different characters from the
Infection Legacy story are recording their thoughts on their survival and a way out. Naming the album Infection Legacy gave us plenty of options as well for art and design. For the artwork decided to NOT go with the whole zombie motif, as it as been played out to death in recent years, so we took the art and the look to the cellular level. A few people have coined the term 'evil sperm' for the album cover, which doesn't bother us even though that is not necessarily what it is.

Infection Legacy is the follow-up to 2010's Defecation Suffocation.