Death Metal Singer Allegedly Confesses to Being New York's Cat Woman Burglar

Death Metal Singer Allegedly Confesses to Being New York's Cat Woman Burglar

Proving that - at least in the oft-dicey land of extreme metal - there really is no such thing as bad press, until-now-obscure New York death metal band Divine Infamy are making headlines, but not because of their music. It's because their singer has been arrested and accused of being New York's infamous Cat Woman burglar.

Shanna Spalding, the 28-year-old vocalist of the band, was arrested on Wednesday (August 25) in Manhattan and charged with two robberies. The crimes garnered a bit of an Internet buzz in the spring due to a woman dressing up in a cat mask while robbing shoe stores and a Body Shop.

According to reports, police saw Spalding leaving a store in SoHo, and thought she fit the description of the Cat Woman burglar, so they stopped her for questioning. A 9mm gun was found on Spalding - amazingly, she had allegedly just robbed the store she was leaving.

Spalding allegedly confessed to a string of robberies, the New York Post reports, and was arraigned in a Manhattan courtroom Thursday (August 26) on only two counts of robbery so far.

According to police, Spalding said she was drunk the day she held up a store wearing a cat mask. She also said she was forced to commit the crimes by an unnamed man, according to the Post.

Spalding, who goes by the stage name Purgatory, lives in Woodside, Queens, and is suspected of robbing four beauty and shoe stores in Queens and Manhattan between April and June.

Now we see why mom always warned us about those metal girls.