Death Grips "No Hands" (videos)

Death Grips 'No Hands' (videos)
Controversy-stirring Sacramento rap unit Death Grips are up to something with their newly unveiled "No Hands" series of videos, but we're not quite sure what. The five cryptic videos uploaded today (March 15) could potentially be teasing some sort of new project (assumedly titled No Hands), or just a meme to get through their Friday.

Each vid is bookended with an illustration of white handprints centred on a black backdrop and is scored with the same a looping, cyclical bass throb and twinkling electronics. What you get in the middle are two noisy practice vids, a mundane video chat with two anonymous figures, an in-orbit drone with the band's name scrolling in coloured lights, and a doodle-intensive animated sequence involving Death Grips' hoodie logo that also showcases a dubby soundtrack.

You can check them out for yourself down below.

Death Grips' last release was the No Love Deep Web freelease.