Death Grips "Lock Your Doors" ("No Hands" 6 video)

Death Grips"Lock Your Doors" ("No Hands" 6 video)
Last week, experimental rap combo Death Grips leaked a series of ambiguous mini-clips under the banner "No Hands," leaving fans wondering what the band were up to. Now, drummer Zach Hill has explained it all with the launch of the next instalment, which acts as the video premiere for No Love Deep Web's "Lock Your Doors."

A statement had Hill noting that the videos were filmed around their performance at SXSW using head-mounted cameras, hence the "No Hands" tag. "'Lock your doors'(NoHands 6) Which drops today is the summarization of the concept and project .. It could keep going.. NoHands is in reference to the head perspective oriented filming..," Hill wrote.

The latest vid starts up with shots from behind Hill's kit, where you see his busy hands working along the drum skins and hear him moaning a bit mid-performance. The clip then jumps into "Lock Your Doors" menacingly pulsating beat. You can check it out below.