Death From Above 1979 Two New Songs (live video)

Death From Above 1979Two New Songs (live video)
When distortion-dialing Toronto pop rock duo Death From Above 1979 announced their current tour, they noted that they wanted to bring a bunch of new tunes out on the road. We got a 45-second song snippet of one unreleased jam about a month ago, and now you can sample two meal-sized servings via video clips recorded at the tour opener in Hamilton, ON, last night (October 28).

As can be expected, the songs plough by on Jesse F. Keeler's furious bass rumble and Sebastien Grainger's percussive pound. The first track juices it up with some speedy drum rolls, while Keeler lets loose some slinky bass licks in the somewhat more measured second jam. Hopefully once the tour wraps, they'll lay these to tape toute suite.

For now, check out the live videos below courtesy of Consequence of Sound.