Death Cab for Cutie Hate on Jared Leto and His Rock Star Guise

Death Cab for Cutie Hate on Jared Leto and His Rock Star Guise
From Trent Reznor to Future of the Left front-man Andrew Falkous, it seems almost everyone is ready to start talking shit lately. It's getting so bad, in fact, that seemingly eternal nice guys Ben Gibbard and his Death Cab For Cutie band mate Nick Harmer have even shared some rather unkindly opinions with the press, this time regarding former My So-Called Life heartthrob and current 30 Seconds to Mars douche Jared Leto.

In a recent interview with The Big Takeover [via Spinner], the Death Cab members spoke out about Leto's obvious insincerity as a musician. "Not to throw anyone under the bus, but Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars - he's acting the part," Harmer said.

Gibbard was quick to echo these statements, saying, "He's a professional actor in music; so there's no way to feel any sincerity about his position as a musician... Because he makes a living playing characters - so why wouldn't he be able to take a step forward? Then you're also acting what you think a rock star should act like."

Harmer also added that he believes Leto's fans are being taken in by the stunt, saying to themselves, "Oh, that's what rock stars do: they wear eyeliner."

It would be easy to point the finger at Gibbard, who is currently engaged to actress-turned-indie sensation Zooey Deschanel. But keep in mind the fact that Zooey is extraordinarily talented, and comfortable in both roles.