Death Cab for Cutie "Underneath the Sycamore" (video)

Death Cab for Cutie 'Underneath the Sycamore' (video)
From the indie rockers of Death Cab for Cutie comes the video for "Underneath the Sycamore," another single from the 2011 release Codes and Keys. This marks the second venture with the animating team Walter Robot, the first being the video for "Grapevine Fires."

Set in a Gotham-style city, we follow a private eye as he searches for a missing woman. The animation is very noir and quite fascinating. It contrasts well with Death Cab's upbeat vibe (despite some of Ben Gibbard's darker lyrics). We see the protagonist search all throughout the city before ending up on a rooftop where the eluding woman is about to jump. Suddenly everything seems to implode and our hero is sent through some kind of wormhole implying it may have all been a dream.

Check out the video below to decide for yourself if it was all just a dream or not.