Death Cab for Cutie

Main Stage, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 13

Death Cab for CutieMain Stage, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 13
Photo: Kim Jay
Nostalgia prevailed during Death Cab For Cutie's closing act Saturday night at Royal Athletic Park. The crowd proved disappointing in their energy, save for appreciative applause at song ends. While the sound was impeccable, frontman Ben Gibbard's stage presence was lacklustre, not interacting with the crowd until the resolve of "Photobooth," when a quick hello was given along with an admission that the band hadn't been to Victoria in 14 years.

Despite the almost tame reaction from the crowd, and the lack of interaction from the band, the set was spot on, Death Cab pulling the majority of their tracks like "Title and Registration," "We Laugh Indoors," and "I Will Possess Your Heart" from older albums. But when crowd response is made up of of light swaying and the occasional fist pump, it definitely hinders the enjoyability factor. An encore proved better for crowd response and a charming thank you and goodbye to guitarist Chris Walla after 17 years served as a sweet sendoff.

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